Stop Flying Blind In Your Business.


RBI provides a bespoke outsourced CFO service to the SME sector.

We analyse & design financial & other data to clarify strategic direction, inform decisions, improve operations, & boost performance.

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What Do We Do?

Help SME owners make informed decisions. 

We refine financial & other data into actionable insights. Insights that inform the critical, long-range, & expensive decisions growing businesses must make.

Decisions = Results.


Whom Do We Do it For?

Privately owned SME’s with $2M-$20M turnover operating in manufacturing, construction, trade, or professional services. 

Our clients have created a business off of their own skills & experience.


Meet A Client.


Blindness. Solved.


Relying on 'Gut Feel.'

Putting out spot fires & using vague assumptions creates reactive, stressful growth.

Proactive Control.

Able to avoid problems & spot opportunities. Understand the future implications of your past & present.

Profit ≠ Cash Flow.

Businesses live or die on cash levels. Hard to understand what drives cash vs. profit. Near impossible to see problems before they happen.

Performance & Cash Insights.

Control your cash flow & performance. See your history, present, & stress-test the future.

Alone at the Top.

Critical, long-range & expensive decisions require open & honest debate. Who do you call?

Trusted Sounding Board.

Remove the loneliness with someone you can frankly talk to, share, vent & debate.


How Do We Work?

We work on a retained & project basis.

Retained is embarking with you. We analyse your issues, goals, & drivers of profit & cash flow. Plot a course, & keep you in proactive control.

Projects are short-term assignments informing big decisions. Executed to work through or avoid problems & capture opportunities.




We believe data is to the digital economy, what oil was to the industrial. 

Use it to grow your business with clarity, conviction, & confidence.


Investment $0 (just your time).