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We specialise in working with companies turning over $2-$20M
utilise data to clarify their strategic direction and boost their
business performance.

Problems we solve

While our engagements vary, the core problems we tackle remain the same. Our clients have very big, long-range, expensive decisions to make. They are either drowning in a tsunami of data, or the cupboard is bare.

Whichever the case, they cannot afford the luxury of relying on gut feel or vague assumptions about past performance. Compounding this is a frustration that their existing staff and advisers just cannot help them.

Solutions we provide

To solve these problems we have developed a comprehensive and effective 3-stage process linking goals, data points, and reporting to compare past, present, and multiple futures.

Typically implemented over 12-24 months our solutions range from a humble spreadsheet, through to data analytics, modelling, and visualisations.

Our mission is to provide business leaders with the data-
driven insights they need to make informed decisions that drive
revenue, profit & value. Our products and services
are built specific to the problems of each client
and the industry they operate in.


Interested in exploring the intersection of data & decisions.
Start your own journey with these resources.
Use them to inform your own questions, scope your project,
or inform a Right Brain Insights initial consultation.





Solving problems can take a raft of forms. From a humble
spreadsheet through to advanced data analytics and modelling.
Whichever the case, it all starts with a conversation.


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